Using Quotidian with Twitter

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The Quotidian Viewer can be used to display tweets as events in a timeline. In order to do this you must have a Twitter account. The Twitter service is available at no cost. You must then allow the Quotidian Twitter extension limited access to your account. This access is read-only and is only used on your machine to read the list of people you follow and to read their tweets. The following procedure allows the Quotidian Twitter extension access to information in your Twitter account without asking for your Twitter password. To use the Quotidian Twitter extension you first login to your Twitter account directly.

The first time you run the timeline you will see a dialog box with a URL highlighted.

You should select this dialog and copy the URL with ^C (control C). Be sure to leave the dialog box on your display. You will return to it soon.

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Move to your browser and replace the URL in the box at the top of the browser with the URL you copied by selecting the current contents and either typing ^V (control V) or selecting Paste from the browser's edit menu.

Twitter will ask you if you want to allow the QuotidianTwitr application to connect to Twitter. If you are not already logged into your Twitter account you will be asked to do so. Hit the Allow button.

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Twitter will give you a PIN number. You can copy this (or type it) into the original Grant Twitter Access dialog.

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After entering the PIN. Hit OK.

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The access you have granted is read-only. The Quotidian Twitter extension runs on your machine and never communicates any information about your Twitter account to Quotidian or any outside parties. The extension cannot send tweets from your Twitter account or modify your account in any way.

Twitter places a quota on how much information can be read in certain periods of time. If you explore a large number of tweets in a short time, you may run up against these limits. After an hour or so, the quota is restored. The Twitter website explains their policy, but it is complicated and subject to revision.

You can remove the access you granted at any time by visiting the connection tab on your Twitter account settings.

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