Find in timelines

The Find command allows you to search in the text parts of loaded timelines. The text parts include labels, event notes, and popup text. The events that match the search request are listed in a page that is sent to your web browser. Each line in the list has the label, the name of the category to which the event is attached, the start time and the end time. The label is a link to the event and can be clicked to move the Quotidian display to that event.

Invoking the Find command causes a dialog box to pop up. The dialog has an entry field to enter the text to search for.

Search options (more than one can be selected)

Entire field The given text should exactly match the text in a text entry field. If this is not selected, any occurrence of the given text in a field will be recorded as a match.
Ignore case Upper and lower case are ignored when matching.
Regular expression The given text is a regular expression. A regular expression is a (possibly complex) pattern for matching text.

Parts of events to search (choose one)

  • labels
  • event notes
  • popup text


Sorting for presentation of results (choose one)

  • Sort labels alphabetically
  • Sort by event start time, earliest first


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