Timeline Examples

Notes about the Examples

  • The examples can be run in any order, but the first ones in the list have more detail about basic movement and scaling in their suggested learning activities ("things to try").
  • Loading a timeline will add it to the ones already loaded. Often this is exactly what is wanted. For simplicity and to match the images illustrating the examples, before loading an example you can clear the previously loaded timelines using the Remove all command and then the Reset Display command. Both these commands are in the top-level or file menu. The learning activities in each example assume this is done before loading the example.
  • Some of the examples use data or images from third-party web sites over which we have no control. The addresses of Web resources may change without notice causing the examples to behave incorrectly or fail completely.
  • All the example timeline files can be viewed with the the Quotidian Editor and can be used as patterns for your own timelines.
  • The example timelines can be loaded by clicking on "Load timeline" in each example section.
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