US House and US Senate

missing image
US Senate, facing left
missing image
US Senate, time moved to 1898, time scale decreased
missing image
US Senate, x/y and time scales increased
missing image
US House, at same time with similar x/y scale and location

These examples show the composition by political party of the legislature. They use the Stack extension which is built into the qviewer. This extension can be used to represent any entity whose parts vary by percentage over time.

  • the built-in Stack extension
  • hiding labels when the time scale gets too small.
  • increasing x/y scale to look at details of an event.
things to try:
  • Set the view direction towards the left missing image.
  • Note the division by political party over the visible two year period(s).
  • Reduce the time scale (triangle down) gradually. Note how the labels disappear close to the point where they start to overwrite labels from neighboring events.
  • Continue reducing the time scale until the time ruler changes from year to century (about 0.0062).
  • Move the display time to about 1898.
  • Increase the time scale until the labels are visible again.
  • The next steps examine the totals for some of the minor parties. First, increase the x/y scale (diamond target up) until the timeline fills the height of the display area.
  • Move the timeline down (square down) until the third parties at the top of the stack are centered on the display.
  • Increase the x/y scale until the party divisions are clearly visible.
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