Sources list panel

It is often important to record the source of event information. The source list contains a text field for a citation. The format of this citation is left to the author and will vary with author's needs or professional domain. It is not strictly necessary to provide a source for events. A warning message will appear in the errors panel if none is given.

The source citation is not used by the QViewer, but can be sent by the QViewer to the user's web browser when the event is selected and event information is requested. As with category notes, some limited HTML formatting can be useful in this field. The generated web page puts the citation between <div> and </div> tags.

The key is used by events in their source field to refer to the citation. Each event also has a place to continue the citation specific to that event. This is useful when the citation is to a book and each event needs a different page number in that book.

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