The Quotidian Viewer

The Quotidian Incorporated QViewer is a computer program designed to help users visualize time and events. The timeline files the QViewer displays are collections of events organized into categories. Timelines can contain personal information such as calendars and planners, as well as historical information, financial data, sports statistics, scientific results, data from traces of computer programs, data from databases, and almost any other kind of information with a time component.

The Web is full of information, but has no standard way to represent dates, time and duration. The QViewer can act as a helper application for Web browsers to handle links to Quotidian timeline files embedded in Web pages. In turn, the event objects in the QViewer can be defined with links so that when an event is selected, the user's Web browser is directed to follow a link. This allows timelines to act as an index to information on the Web.

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