Links and Locators

Links list panel / Locators list panel

These two lists implement independent linking in Quotidian. This is an alternative to putting links into event definitions. In a web page, one end of the link is always known; it is exactly where the link appears. In Quotidian, links can be made between events when neither are in the same file as the link. The author may not have access or be able to edit the files containing the source and destination of a link. Loading the timeline files containing the link and the source are enough to cause the link to be displayed in the list of links associated with an event.

A link is defined by giving a title and the tag for the source locator and the tag for the destination locator. The title is the text that appears on the current links list in the QViewer when the source event is selected. It is usually a short description of the relationship between the source and destination.

Drag and Drop in the Link and Locators list panels

The author can drag and drop the name of an event on both the locator and link panels.

Dropping an event on the title of a link will look up that event in the locator list and define a locator if one can't be found. The tag of the locator is put in the source field of the link. The name of the event is put in the "title" field of the link.

Dropping an event on a locator will create a locator for that event.

Dropping events on the column headers or the empty areas of the locator and link lists will create new entries in those tables.

Dropping an event onto a row in one of the lists will fill in values in that row. But, if that event is attached to more than one category, only one can be used in the link. In this case, a small popup menu containing the categories is shown and the author can pick one.

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