Drag and drop

Drag and drop is implemented for targets in the editor that expect
a file name or URL.

Sources for objects that can be dropped include windows in the
operating system that show folders or directories, the line of the
browser that displays the current URL, and parts of other applications
that contain URL or files as drag sources.

The name fields in the event list panel can also be used as a
source. In this case the URL includes the timeline file name and a
query that locates the event inside that file. Because events can
be attached to many categories, and because links consist of events in
a single category, dragging from an event may drag a list of URLs, one
for the event in each attached category.

Dropping a file on the following list panels causes new entries to be
defined with that file's URL:

  • Includes - URL must be a timeline file (*.quotid)
  • Locators - A URL to any kind of resource can be used.
  • Links - The editor tries to find a locator that matches the URL
    and creates one if it can't find one. The tag of that locator is
    inserted in the from field of a new link. The source (from) must be
    the URL of an event in a timeline.

Dropping a file on the following event edit panels fills in the URL text
field with the dropped URL:

  • Image edit panel - URL must be an image file
  • Sound edit panel - URL must be a sound file
  • Link edit panel - A URL to any kind of resource can be used.

Dropping on a list field will replace that field's value. Dropping on
an empty area of a list panel or on a column header will create a new
list entry and insert the dropped value in it.

The same objects that serve as source and targets for drag and drop
also serve as sources for the copy command and targets for the paste
command. This is useful when trying to drag a URL to an edit panel in
the same editor application, but selecting the drag object causes the edit
panel to lose focus and disappear. Simply select the drag object and
use the copy command, then bring up the edit panel and use the paste

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