Grateful Dead

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This is a timeline of Grateful Dead concerts from 1965 to 1995 from the Live Music Archive at the Internet Archive.

This timeline indexes about four thousand concert and about 75,000 songs in those concerts. The music is streamed directly from the Live Music Archive to your machine.


The top-level has some basic timelines of band members and album releases. Increasing the time scale makes concerts dates appear. Moving into many of the concerts will play the entire recording of the concert. Increasing the time scale again will expand concerts to show each song. Moving into a song will play just that song.

These timelines were generated automatically. Only seven of the recordings for a day are shown with preference going to those with songs available for streaming and then to those recorded from the soundboard. An arbitrary time of noon New York time was assigned to each concert regardless of the actual starting time and location.

The songs are not set to "realtime' in the timeline. This means that just moving into a song will play it from the beginning. You can't start a song at an arbitrary point, but if you want to start playing a concert at a given song, move to the start of a song event and hit the "realtime" button. This will cause the songs to play in order from that point.

Olympic Center, Lake Placid NY - 17 Oct 1983
Fillmore East - 11 Feb 1970
Me and My Uncle - Fillmore East - 11 Feb 1970
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