Freebase People

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This timeline extracts some information about a person from the Freebase database ( This is a publicly accessible database containing many topics.
The current version of this timeline extracts a limited set of data:
  • books by authors
  • films by actors, directors, writers
  • albums by musicians
  • musical groups to which a musician belongs
  • political offices held
  • artworks by visual artists
  • marriages and the birth dates of children

When this timeline is loaded it presents you with a short list of people. You can enter any name you like. The timeline looks up the name in Freebase and, if the name is ambiguous, it presents you with a list of possible matches.

The albums associated with musical artists can be played with the Spotify music streaming service. This only works when the names of artists and albums in the Freebase database match the names in the Spotify service. The software to connect Quotidian and Spotify can be downloaded separately. It does not work with the free Spotify service.

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