Is Quotidian free software?

Quotidian is a private company and its software is licensed to its users. All users agree to license terms before installing Quotidian. The software is protected by copyright and by US and international patents.

We want to encourage people to try Quotidian and to create their own timelines. To that end, we have made Quotidian products available at a reduced price or for no cost to private individuals.

Various pieces of software developed by third parties are distributed with Quotidian. We are grateful to the authors of this software for making it available to us and to our users. We scrupulously abide by their license terms. In some cases, their licenses give rights to users of Quotidian beyond those that Quotidian grants users in its license. The copyright notices required by some of this software can be found in the "about" box of both the viewer and editor under the "third party licenses" or "gstreamer" tabs.

Quotidian does not include or distribute anything licensed with the General Public License (GPL) or any similar license.

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