Stock Graph Demo

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This example downloads some historical IBM stock data from the Yahoo Finance web site. The extension displays the data as a 3-D candle graph. The main body of the cylinder represents the open and closing prices for the stock. The center "wick" represents the high and low prices. The bar graph at the bottom of the category shows the volume of stock traded.

Changing the time scale will show candles representing days, weeks or months.

  • An extension that handles downloading event data from the net and has special drawing methods for that data.
  • An Internet connection to query and download stock history data.
things to try:
  • Set view direction toward the past .
  • Move the visible events so that the closest ones are just to the right of the center of the qviewer (by moving the square target slightly to the right.)
  • Change the view direction to the right . Each candle represents the stock performance for a week. The bar at the bottom represents the volume of trades. Increase the time scale (triangle up) until the candles change from weeks to days.
  • Move the display time towards the past (by moving the circle target down.) As you move backward in time, the display will occasionally pause to download more data from the Web. It may also rescale the graph to match new data.
  • Decrease the time scale (triangle target down.) At certain points, the candles will change from representing days to weeks and then to months.
  • Increase the time scale (triangle target up.) The candles will change back to weeks and then into days.
  • You can make a copy of the Stock.quotid example and replace "IBM" in the function definition with another company's ticker name.
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