Friday 13th

This timeline shows events generated by the built-in RecurDate extension. The extension uses a rule to produce repeating events. The rule in this example looks like this:


This means: "In each month, look for a day that is a Friday and the thirteeth day of the month"

The rule follows the iCalendar (RFC2445) standard used by most calendar programs. At the present time the RecurDate extension can only specify events of a day or longer (day, week, month, or year).

This extension is a quick way to mark off a timeline by regularly recurring events.

The built-in extensions are extensions that seemed to be useful enough to be included as part of the qviewer and are available to all authors of timelines. External extensions contain code that is specialized for drawing certain kinds of events or for extracting data from files or from the Internet. External extensions can be written, licensed and distributed separately from the Quotidian Viewer.

  • The built-in RecurDate extension
  • Events generated by an extension but drawn with normal methods
things to try:
  • Note that the generated events look and act like other simple events defined in timeline files.
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