There is a website that contains all the panels from a daily comic strip. This timeline invokes an extension that downloads the panel of the comic strip for the day corresponding to the display time and displays it on the endcut of timeline. This requires a connection to the Internet and a delay may occur while an image file is downloaded.

Note that the Doonesbury comic strips are copyrighted by G.B.Trudeau. The images are not distributed with the Quotidian Viewer. The Quotidian Viewer is acting like any other web browser downloading and displaying available web resources.

  • An extension that generates a URL and retrieves images from the Web
  • Drawing in the endcut
  • An Internet connection to download images from the Web.
things to try:
  • Change the time scale (by grabbing the triangle target and moving it up) until the ruler scale in the lower right corner of the window says "scale: day".
  • Slowly move the display time towards the past (by grabbing the circle target and moving it down a small amount). Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the speed you change the time, after a small delay, the strip is displayed that corresponds to the display time. If the connection is too slow or you change the display time too fast, you may move to the next day before a strip is loaded and displayed.
  • If you move the display time forward the strips appear much faster. This is because the images are temporarily cached the first time they are loaded. The next time the image for a day is requested it can be loaded much faster. Other images referenced by events or by extensions are handled in the same way.
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