Calendar Demo

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This timeline uses an extension to load two files exported from a calendar application. In this case the Mac iCal program was used, but the extension will also read files generated by other calendar programs that use the iCalendar standard. This extension is not built into the qviewer, but represents the kind of extensions that users can write. This extension can be re-used in timelines created by users or authors of timelines to display other calendar files.

The extension reads the calendar files and generates events that are drawn using the qviewer's normal event drawing methods.

The two calendar files represent "home" (blue events) and "work" (brown events). Saturday and Sunday are drawn in a faint pink, and Tuesday and Thursday in faint yellow to mark off the days of the week.

  • Using an extension that reads event data from non-timeline files
  • Using an extension to create events
things to try:
  • When this timeline is loaded, the daily and weekly events are bunched together. Increase the time scale by moving the triangle target up until the events are distinct (about 19.0).
  • This is a simple timeline. Practice moving and scaling using the different controls.
  • If you use a calendar program, you might try replacing the TestCal1.ics and TestCal2.ics files in the Quotidian examples directory with files exported from your calendar program.
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