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This timeline shows the eons, eras, periods and epochs of Earth's geological history. Each of these is shown in a different category and they are nested inside each other from the largest (eons) to the smallest (epochs). The time periods are specified in millions of years.

Double-clicking a label or event will direct the browser to show the Wikipedia entry for that time division.

  • Events of long duration
  • Scaling time
  • Nested categories
  • Web links attached to events
  • An Internet connection to show links in your Web browser.
things to try:
  • Change the view direction to the right missing image.
  • Decrease the time scale by grabbing the triangle target and moving it down. Stop when the name of the time scale ruler in the bottom right corner of the windows says "1 billion years".
  • Move the display time backward by grabbing the time slider (the rightmost slider with the circle target) and moving it down. Note how quickly you can move 4.5 billion years. The display time is now printed as a decimal number followed by "MYA". MYA is short for "millions of years ago". If the time was moved forward from the present, the time would be printed with "MYF" for "millions of years in the future".
  • Click the reset command missing image. This will restore the viewpoint to the present time and the view direction towards the future. Remove the timeline with the "delete all timelines" command missing image.
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