England Links Demo

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Links menu for the Elizabeth II event
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Links menu for the Elizabeth II event after loading the EnglandLinks timeline file
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Choosing the "father - George VI" link and then the "PM - Neville Chamberlain" link.

This example demonstrates how links can be added to existing timelines. These links can be from events to web resources, to other events in the same timeline, or to events in other timelines.

Activating a link to a (non-timeline) web resource sends a URL to your browser.

Activating a link to another event in the same timeline changes the selection to that event and moves the display time to the start of that event.

Activating a link to an event in another timeline will load the other timeline, if needed, and change the selection to that event.

Links in Web pages are always anchored at some text or image in that page. In Quotidian timelines, the source of a link can be in any timeline. The links appear when the timeline containing the link and the timeline containing the source event are both loaded. This makes it possible to add connections to and from timelines from a third timeline file. For example, one can add links between timelines written by others and available only on different remote servers.

The timeline that is used as the target of some of the links in this example contains events for each Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Each PM event is defined with an image of that individual.

  • A timeline file defining only links to and from events defined in other timelines. No events or categories are defined in this file.
  • Links from events to events in the same timeline.
  • Links from events to events in another timeline.
  • Links from events to Web resources.
  • How activating a link can cause another timeline to be loaded.
  • Events defined with images
things to try:
  • Load the EnglandRulers timeline. (Click on this link.)
  • Select the Elizabeth II event by clicking on the event or its label.
  • Look at the pull down list of links missing image. There is only one link to a Wikipedia entry. The blue square missing image on the menu indicates that the URL for this link is automatically sent to your browser when the event is selected.
  • Load the EnglandLinks timeline. (Click on this link.)
  • Select Elizabeth II again. (Select again even if its already selected.)
  • Look at the pull down list of links missing image. Note that many more links have been added.
  • Select a link with a blue circle missing image. The blue circle indicates that the link is to a URL handled by your browser. Note the change in your browser.
  • Select the "father - George VI" link. The yellow triangle missing image on the menu indicates that the link is to an event in a timeline. Note that the display time is changed to 11 Dec 1936 and the selected event is changed.
  • The pull down list missing image now contains the links for the George VI event. Choose a Prime Minister from the list. Note that the UK_PM timeline is loaded, the Prime Minister chosen is selected, and the Wikipedia entry for that selection is displayed in the browser.
  • Decrease the time scale (triangle target down) so that many PM events are clearly visible.
  • Note that an image of a Prime Minister is displayed at the beginning of each event. You may want to increase the x/y scale to make the images slightly larger.
  • If you move the display time quickly towards the past, some images are drawn in a solid tan color until the images are downloaded. Drawing them like this means that movement and scaling can continue without waiting for images to display.
  • Try moving to events in a timeline by clicking on these links:
    Henry V
    Richard III
    Ramsay MacDonald
    Tony Blair
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