US Electoral Map

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This example draws a US Map in the endcut. States are colored according to how their electoral votes were cast in the previous presidential election.

In the United States the President and Vice President are not elected by a majority of votes cast. Each state is given a number of electors equal to the the number of Senators (two) and Representatives in the House (varies by population). States make up their own rules about how their popular votes translate into electoral votes. At the present time, most states give all their electors to the winner of the popular vote in that state.

Authors of timelines can include notes or other information with each event or category. This additional information is not visible in the qviewer, but can be sent to the user's browser for display. In this example, the key to the map colors is saved in a note formatted as HTML. This can be viewed by selecting one of the election events and choosing the Options->show event info command.

The US Map image file is licensed by its creators so that it can be freely re-used to show other kinds of data. The map extensions can also be used with other maps in the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.

  • Use of the built-in MapSVG extension to draw an image in the endcut of an event.
  • Use of the built-in MapSVGArea extension to color parts of the image (in this case, the states.)
  • Use of the show info command to send information about the selected event and category to the browser.
  • Use of a rectangle to fit the shape of the category to shape of the map.
  • An Internet connection to show links in your Web browser.
things to try:
  • Change to the past view direction missing image.
  • Move the map to the left side of the display area (move the square target slightly to the left) so that you can see the events behind the endcut.
  • Change the time scale (triangle, down, to about 0.1) to make more election events visible behind the endcut.
  • Move the display time towards the past (circle, down) and watch the election returns.
  • Stop changing the time and select the election shown in the map. The browser should display the Wikipedia entry for that election.
  • Choose the Options->show event info command. Information about the selected event and category will appear in the browser. The information for this category includes a color key for the political parties on the map.
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