Sound Space Demo

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This example demonstrates some of the ways that audio is used in the Quotidian Viewer. There are nine events in nine categories. An audio file is attached to each event. As the user moves the viewpoint in the display up, down, left, and right, the volume of each sound changes. The volume decreases as an event moves away from the center of the window. When the center of the window falls between events, the sound of those events are mixed together. The author of the timeline can control how far the sound extends from the edges of events.

The start and ending times of the events are given with the accuracy of several weeks. The Quotidian display indicates this by fading the edges of the events on the time axis. If you move the display time, you will notice that the sound volume also fades.

This is a relative timeline and for demonstration purposes the events are rather abstract. The origin time for the relative timeline is set in the file to be now. So the example is always loaded relative to the current date and time.

  • events defined with audio files
  • spatial location of audio
  • gradually diminishing volume (hiding) as sound events move away from the center of the window (when the view direction is towards the past or future)
  • relative timeline loaded with the origin at now
things to try:
  • Note that, when this example starts, no dialog box requesting an origin time was displayed. The events are arranged so that the start time of each event is one week in the past and the end time is eight weeks in the future.
  • Make sure that your machine's speakers are on, that the volume is set at an audible level and that the play sounds control missing image is active. You should hear water drops and a faint mix of other sounds.
  • Move the x/y control (the square control) by small amounts left, right, up and down so that different events are gradually moved to the center of the window. Note how the sound changes.
  • Move the time control (the round control) so that the edges of the events gradually fade. Note how the sound also changes.
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