England Monarchs

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This simple timeline shows the reigns of the kings and queens of England (and later, Great Britain and the United Kingdom). The various "houses" (Tudor, Hanover etc.) are drawn in different colors. Each monarch has a slightly darker or lighter tone of that color to distinguish that reign from the ones immediately before and after. Labels are attached to the start of each event.

Double-clicking on a label or event will direct the browser to show the Wikipedia entry for that monarch.

  • Simple event drawing
  • Web links attached to events
  • Changing the view direction
  • Movement and scaling along the time axis
  • An Internet connection to show links in your Web browser.
things to try:
  • Note that when the timeline is loaded and the qviewer is newly started or reset, the view shows Queen Elizabeth II's reign continuing into the future from the display time.
  • Change the view direction to the past by clicking the down arrow missing image on the toolbar.
  • Make the mouse sliders visible by moving the cursor to the center of the right edge of the display area.
  • Scale the timeline to show the reigns of many monarchs by grabbing the triangle target and moving it down. Note that the marks on the time ruler will change from months to years and that the (pink) year marks will get smaller. Stop when the marks change to centuries (blue). (The time scale number in the status bar will be about 0.0065).
  • Move the display time towards the past by grabbing the time slider (the rightmost slider with the circle target) and moving it down. While doing this, the years in the display time box will change and the names and visible objects representing monarchs' reigns will move towards you. Practice controlling the speed and direction of movement by moving the circle up and down. Note that, as long as you hold the mouse button down, the speed of movement will continue to increase even when you move the on-screen cursor beyond the qviewer window.
  • Change the view direction to the right missing image. Note that the time ruler is now drawn along the bottom of the display area. The past is to the left of the window and the future to the right. The thin line down the middle of the view represents the display time printed in the box at the top of the window.
  • Select the display time box with the mouse. Delete the current date using the arrow and backspace keys. Type "1390" and hit the enter (return) key. This should put the reign of Richard II at the center of the display area.
  • Use the mouse to double-click the "Richard II" label or on the green area representing his reign. A blue border is drawn around the selected event's label to show that it is selected. The URL of a link defined in the event is passed to your browser to request that it show the Wikipedia entry for Richard II. If the browser application is not running, it will be started. Selecting an event with a single mouse click and hitting the current links command missing image has the same effect.
  • Move the display time forward by grabbing the time slider (the rightmost slider with the circle target) and moving it up. Release the mouse button when the display time is around the year 2009. This should put the reign of Elizabeth II at the center of the window. Note that the object representing her reign gradually fades away in the future. This is how the qviewer represents uncertainty about the ending times of events.
  • Click the following links to specific events in the timeline:
    William the Conqueror
    King John
    George VI
  • Click the reset command missing image. This will restore the viewpoint to the present time and the view direction towards the future.
  • Remove the timeline with the remove all command missing image.
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